Updates Guide to Bet 365 Poker

Before signing up, it is recommended that players first check out’s updated Guide to Bet 365. LONDON, June 1st 2012 /PNNewswire/ — Many gambling industry insiders have long been impressed with the meteoric rise of UK-based Bet 365. Originally started as an online sports betting site open to UK members, since 2004 Bet 365 [...]

Looking for Bonus Codes for WPT? Has What Players Need

When an online poker player chooses to get started playing on a new site, they commonly look for codes to help them get valuable bonuses to help boost their bankroll right away.  There are many ways to get these codes, but some sources might not be as reliable as others.  This can lead to frustration, [...]

BestPokerSite.Org Shows Players How Their Favorite Poker Site Gets Them Paid

LONDON, April 27th, 2012 /PNNewswire/ –– came out today with new details about how different poker sites are able to pay out their players, through a variety of options that make the process easier and quicker than ever before. Many skeptics to playing poker online site the difficulty and paranoia about getting their money back [...]

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Learning More About Zoom Poker

While the development of PokerStars’ Zoom Poker has been rumored for some time, the actual launch of Zoom Poker took some by surprise.  Maybe it was because the major rooms were all obviously so far behind Full Tilt on the cloud poker front that it just started to seem like no one would every actually [...]

Will Rush Still Reign When Full Tilt Poker Returns?

When Full Tilt Poker first shut down, it meant more or less the end of of “cloud poker” for online players as Rush Poker went dark along with the rest of the site.  Fast forward a year, and Full Tilt Poker is still closed.  Cloud poker, however, is full of options that weren’t even a [...]

Rush Poker Alternatives Continue to Profilerate

When Full Tilt Poker first introduced Rush Poker, many believed that the game of real money online poker had changed forever.  With lightening-fast speeds and the unique feature of changing the position of every player, every hand, Rush Poker immediately caught on and became one of the more popular games on Full Tilt. After Black [...]

Better to be a Bettor in Poker

Of all the sound bites that filter through the poker world and in online casino rooms with the likes of Unibet casino, the saying: “it’s better to be a bettor” is one of the most important. As with all pieces of advice there are exceptions to the rule but in general you should always be [...]

What Real Money Room Will Offer the Next Rush Poker?

While it seems as if GBT and Full Tilt Poker are moving –  albeit painfully slowly –  toward an agreement that would allow Rush Poker to move back on the real-money scene, players who enjoy the quick dealing and always–shifting table lineup simply may not want to wait that long.  A competitor who could introduce [...] Compares the Top Poker Sites

The top poker sites can now easily be compared thanks to in-depth comparisons from updated their poker portal this week, adding a series of comprehensive online poker room reviews to their growing set of resources for people who like to play poker on the Internet. Are all online poker rooms alike? In some [...]

Gambling Sites Are On The Up

You would think that finding a good online site to enjoy a wager or two would be simple but for a number of reasons, it can actually be quite a gamble. There are a lot of gaming and gambling sites to choose from and this can make it difficult to know which one is right [...]

Rush Poker to Return by Summer 2012?

While fans of Rush Poker have been somewhat left in the lurch since the demise of Full Tilt Poker, it appears that their despair, such as it is, may have an expiration date: Summer 2012. That’s because it is becoming increasingly likely that Rush Poker will return –  in one form or another –  within the [...]

Everyone Is Looking For The Best Poker Bonuses

If you are sat at home, at work or on the commute reading this, it is fair to say that you are looking for the best poker bonuses on offer. This makes perfect sense and let’s be honest, everybody should be looking for the best offers. The current economic climate should be forcing everyone to [...]

PokerRoom Offers Cash Games to Players

Players are once again being given the opportunity to participate in cash games in order to win big now that PokerRoom is back on the market. As one of the first online poker sites to offer players a real-life playing experience for over a decade, PokerRoom continues to bring the same feeling and even more [...]

Party Poker Bonus Lets You Play On A Market Leader

With so many online poker sites to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. After all, if you attempted to seriously look at even a fraction of the online poker sites available, you would find yourself spending weeks, if not months, examining sites. This is not good [...]

Hand Analysis From Low Limit Tournament

Missing Rush Poker? Try Terminal Poker with no deposit using this Terminal Poker Voucher Code. The Scene: Late in $11 MTT, 900+ players to start, currently 26 players remaining at 3 tables. Blinds are currently 2.5K/5K with a 500 ante. The Players: eric6000 in seat 2 has been playing a bit aggressive, but has been [...]

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Terminal Poker: The Top Alternative

We all miss Rush Poker. But the fact of the matter is that Rush is DOA - at least for the time being - and that means you'll have to look elsewhere for your Rush Poker fix. We suggest Terminal Poker. The graphics are great, the speed is similar and the games are - at least for now - soft.

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What's Different About Rush and Terminal Poker?

Both represent one of the true innovations of online poker. The gist: Both remove the waiting time between hands by creating new tables every hand. Rush Poker can result in speeds two, three, even five times faster that a typical online poker table.

The constant rearranging of players also brings with it an entirely new strategic dimension. The meta aspects of the game change dramatically, and position becomes a much more fluid concept. Aggression also takes on a new dimension, as some of the traditional benefits of aggression are absent from Rush Poker and Terminal Poker.

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Rush Poker - The Future of Online Poker?

Doubtful. While the game is a blast, it represented only a small portion of the player lobby at Full Tilt Poker at any given time. The fact of the matter is that Rush and Terminal Poker are still novelties to some degree, and even though they are certain to gain traction in the years ahead, there will be no unseating of the traditional poker table in the foreseeable future.

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When are Full Tilt and Rush Poker Returning?

There's not firm word at this point. While a deal for FTP seems to be in the works, a number of hurdles still remain before players can get back into the Rush groove.